A Light at the End

There is something in the far off distance,

coming closer,

day by day.

Is this, I wonder,

an angel who is coming

to share the universe’s embrace?

But as I look around

I see I am facing down

a tunnel

at the inbound train…

… here we go again…


This beginning’s just the end.

The end’s in front of your face.

You grew up smart,

but dumb enough to admit it.

You’re only here

because we saved you a space.


I’m not old and bitter,

I’m angry and experienced.

I’ve taken enough of our shit,

now I know better.

Staring down the barrel of the gun

ain’t so bad,

as long as the stock is tight to your shoulder.


Front sight.




I’m not afraid of the light anymore.

I’m not afraid of the dark.

I’ve been stumbling on,

sick of hanging around

with slack-jawed, brilliant fuck-wits.

Not that they’re dragging me down,

but their jokes are old and dated.

They were never funny in the first place,

now it’s just pathetic,

which is funny in its own way.


Watch them fade

and all the while they deny their dying.

Watch them beg,

for a few more moments before the clock runs out.

Hear them scream

and their cries echo off the walls

of the tunnel as the train bears down.


Go ahead and wish for a light in the dark.

Go ahead and think someone’s coming to save you.

The only ones who are saved

are the ones on the train

and I hope you’ve noticed,

it’s going the other way.


HG – 2016

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