There Are No Words

I guess every time we said,

“It doesn’t matter.”

was a lie.

We were feeling vulnerable.

We needed to recover

some measure

of our composure.


In our minds,

we thought

we could do much better.

Caught in the act of

giving a fuck,

we talked a lot about

how we were so much better.

Thought we were tough,

but inside, we both knew better.

We were so scared of being alive,

we made up lies

to silence our minds.


I watched you trip,

slip, fall and stumble

over words that we used to use

with no trouble.

So insensitive,

I threw

“Love” into the jumble

then with a twist of the tongue

I went down in a puddle.

It’s the only thing I’ve come from.


It’s been a minute

since I lived on the inside

of your mouth,

now spit it out.

The truth as you know it.

Your teeth can’t keep it

from escaping through your skin.

I ask forgiveness

for all of this

falls within

my kind of business.


I could have helped you,

could have saved you,

but I watched you drown.

I couldn’t hold you back,

couldn’t restrain you;

guess you know that now.

Said it never mattered

and I laughed out loud

at the idea,

but we aren’t laughing now.


Never could admit

we gave a shit;

now it’s too late

to fix this love,

but I can’t stop

thinking about it.


We made this without words

and yet,

words still destroyed us.


HG – 2016

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