Terrify Intrepid

Do you believe?

Do you wonder?

Does the fire repel you, or entice you?

Can you imagine

free-falling into the sky?

Does gravity protect you,

or restrain you?

Do you have to kill yourself

to feel alive?


There is a certain type of person

who can exist without this place.

Six sides of reality

are just ways to keep their space,

when there’s so much more to explore.


Heaven’s up above us,

down below us,

all around

and deep inside us;

there lies a part

of every star.

We are as much the universe

as any heavenly body.

Each of us is just a splinter

of a shattered world,

or lost dimensional existence

we can’t see,

but we experience



That’s why I need to know…

… do you believe?

Do you even wonder?

Who designed the ride you’re on,

or the sky you’re under?

Have you so much pride

that you deny

you’ll never know until you die?

And that’s the part that’s got you terrified,

just like free-falling into the sky.


There’s no reason to lose faith now.

Take a look around,

there’s only one thing holding you down,

until you push hard enough

to break the grip of the ground,

or until the world lets go.


Keep faith.

Believe me,

I’ll see you around.

We are only meant for here

for a little while.

Be brave.

Be safe.

I’ll see you around.


HG – 2016

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