The Chaos Engine

One drop of water

causes ripples

that will radiate out

gaining energy,

releasing potential,

building exponentially

and a tsunami

erases the shoreline.


A butterfly beats its wings

stirring a breeze,

stirring emotion.

Fall, the leaves of the trees

blow into the streets,

abandoned and broken.

Lost, the tempests they rage,

our ship is at sea,

taking on water.

Every single tragedy awaits us

in the chaos after.


We have watched reality betray us.

I guess that means we never understood

like we thought we did.

We were taught as kids,

that two and three are five,

but now it’s more or less;

the problem doesn’t matter anymore.


The smallest beginnings

can build up an empire.

The height of our brilliance

can free fall and catch fire.

The Sun will still rise

on the heathens and believers,

but we still appease them

we’re buying – they’re dealing.

Our vision is clouded,

our minds are distracted,

we don’t see the trick,

we’re too caught in the act

of watching the man on the pedestal lie;

we don’t see the fear in his eyes.


The water drop

will still fall

and we will shortly follow.

The butterfly

will beat its wings

and blow us all away.

We’re obsessed with the ineffectual;

we love to be amused,

but anger and fear

are easier to manipulate

and there’s lots of work to do.


There’s a meaning

with every gesture made.

A sleight of hand

reveals the present age

and chaos is an engine

driving change.

We’ll never be the same.


HG -2016

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