Childish Things

I am told

that we used to play

in a garden of stars.

So many silly games

made us who we are.

We never stopped to question

the meaning of the answers,

it was easy to believe them as they were.


If there were no rules

to the world I live in now,

I’d take these liars down,

put them in the ground.

And we’d go back to the garden

in the stars;

have I gone too far?


There is no Hell below me.

All I know is all around me

and if Heaven’s in the clouds,

there no way I’m hanging around here.

I’ll kick the chair and doff this vessel,

I’ll slip this skin and fly away,

but I know castles in the sky are just a fantasy.


Before I believed in Heaven,

I spent my nights

wishing on long dead stars.

So far it’s still even,

I just take whatever I want;

but maybe I’ve taken it too far.


I have talked to the sky

and spoken with shadows,

so much of me and you

is unseen and hidden from view.

I’ve been a secret;

exposed when you hear it.

I’m leaving all that I know,

sewn into the leaves.

Bred into being,

deep in the space between,

I’ve put the message you seek.


Grown older now,

no time for passing time

with games and things

that take me off my stride.

The garden’s gone,

the stars have all long died.

The new ones being born

are not quite right.


I’m still forsaking sin

and bathing in the purest light,

but only in the night;

I fear the sky these days

is too wide a front to fight.

We pulled the castles down

to build the walls we hide behind.

Have we lost our minds?

Forgotten who we are?

Are we even human anymore?

I think I’ve taken this too far.


HG -2016

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