Push the boundaries.

Push the envelope.

Push the button.

Push them away.

Just push.


Push past the pain.

Push for one more minute.

Push just a little bit further.





Heaven isn’t meant for us.

The meek shall inherit the Earth,

but He didn’t say

what was going to happen to us.

Maybe we’re long gone.


They told me to “Sit down

and shut up.”

I said “Fuck you.”

and kept right on pushing.

They said “Slow down.”

and “Think about the next man.”

I said, “The next man

doesn’t have to fill my coffin.”


I don’t think they want us

to conform anymore.

They want us dead,

dead, dead,

because the world makes sense to us.

You’ve got to fight,

fight, fight,

if you want to survive

and staying humble and defeated

doesn’t climb the mountain.

So we just keep pushing.


They’re gonna nay-say,

that’s what they do,

’cause they can’t beat you their way,

they’ll drag you down

and smother you with mediocrity

if you let them.


Positive, self confident, conquering,

getting results from the sacrifice,

give us what’s comforting,

they’ll tell you you’re wrong for that

and so many things.


“All you think about is yourself.”

Different day,

same excuses are made.

We’ve opted out of the charade.

We’re pushing ourselves to the place

we want to be,

fact is,

that’s how you get anywhere.


The world that tries

to  hold you down,

can’t live your life for you now.

Push forward,

make a case for you.

You are the only one

you have to answer to.


Once you’ve dragged yourself

up from the muck,

you can go back

and lift the others up.

Don’t let the world tell you “No.”




HG -2016

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