A Case of Exceptional Normalcy

There is no purchase,

nothing to grasp,

no grip left to slip,

no fingernails left to hang on by,

for they are broken,



and I am falling…


…I wake to a room

bathed in soft white light

and my wife beside me.

Thoughts swim just below the surface

like playful dolphins,

teasing me to return to slumber,

but there is a droning, noisome beast at my bedside.

One that rakes it’s nails across a chalkboard in my head.

One filled with today’s duties and responsibilities

and expectations

and demands

and wishful thinking;

a Christmas list of ways that I will fall short and disappoint,

but I still stumble off, naked

to the shower.


In the glass cubicle,

barely smaller than the box I will spend my day in

and slightly bigger that the one I will eventually spend eternity in;

warm water and soap and scrubbing off the barnacles of yesterday

restore some of my countenance to that of a man

and when clean

the water goes on COLD for 30 seconds.


The mind screams and my body stiffens under the ice knives

that mercifully end and now I am fully awake.


The first of the day’s discomforts comes by my  own hand,

then shave and dress and coffee and oatmeal;

the morning’s meat has long been given up

in favour of “Healthy Choices”.

Lunch today and most days,

will be a salad,

because I have decided that the only advantages

that I will have in this world

are the ones that I give myself.

I have not known the blessings of rich parents

or superior genetics;

so my path is forged only by my own desire

and my own hard work.


Prepared for another day,

I mentally put on the armour

and gird my body and soul

with the weapons of my people.

I am set to win,

God willing.

I pat the dog’s head

and kiss my sleeping wife good-bye,

then I am gone

to win.

To conquer.

To do something more than just exist.

A regular guy,

an regular life,

an infinite potential.


HG – 2016

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