Free Tune-Ups

I’m here,


to take you out of  your skin,

work on your skeleton,

fix what’s been broken,

align your emotions

and put you together again.


All you have to do,

is know it’s what you need.

I’ve seen the results

of your self-surgery.

You’ve butchered such a wonderful machine.

Amateurs just shouldn’t be allowed

to have the keys.



I’ve been watching you

fuck it up,

breaking it all,

leaving a mess

that you’ve got no plans to right.

You think you’re free,

but you’re just on a very long lead.

Soon you’re gonna feel the leash snap tight.


I’m not here to set you free.

I’m not offering the world,

or the universe;

believe me

when I say it’s only gonna get worse.

Oh, I swear,

you’ve been so carefree,

but it’s getting really scary out there.


Know your limited limitless.

It would be wise

to know who your master is,

because you can’t imagine

what’s after this.

Things are about to get really interesting;

you’d think you’d want

to be your Sunday best.

The time to unfuck yourself is waning.

I’m offering a chance to reset.


Once it starts,

there’ll be no arms around you.

It’ll be everyone for themselves,

you it’s probably best

if you can unburden yourself;

you might have to run for your life.


HG – 2016

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