A Broken Ego

Before the denials can leave your lips,

your eyes betray you.

I see them linger on the objects

of your longing.

Divinity denied so freely

in cultured company,

but suddenly so desperately required.


You told me when we first met,

just how strong you are;

now I’m watching you fall apart.

And the most upsetting thing

is not your tears,

or your distress,

or your new vulnerability;

it is the fact that you’re only now

admitting your humanity.


Just like the rest of us,

you’re going to need love

and knowing you’re special,

just not in the way you thought.


A broken ego,

can be a wound that makes us stronger.


HG -2016

2 thoughts on “A Broken Ego

  1. If there were ever to be a poetic response to Thomas Carew’s ‘A divine mistress ‘ in terms of a bystander or even a close bosom friend, this would be it.

    The following lines in his poem:

    “She hath too much divinity for me : /
    You gods, teach her some more humanity”

    would hypothetically relate to your lines:

    “And the most upsetting thing


    it is the fact that you’re only now

    /admitting your humanity.”

    It feels as if this would be the reality the speaker in Carew’s poem would have to face within time.

    I find your poem to be well-crafted and definitely a favourite now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I must admit, I have never read Thomas Carew, but I guess I will have to make myself familiar with his work. Thank you for reading and for your insightful comment! I am glad you are enjoying the writing!

      Liked by 1 person

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