Shit Talker

I hear you want to be rich.

I hear you want to be known.

Well, I hear life is a bitch

and then you die all alone.

You’re saying how you’re so bad,

a real criminal type,

but you just flirt with the devil,

then run on back to the light.


Trust me,

you’re just sheep for the wolves.


You’re talking breakdown and disorder.

You’re talking anarchy and fire.

Revolution and destruction,

you’re saying that’s what you desire.

From the comfort of your warm home,

the safest place in the whole world,

you don’t really want the danger;

you’re talking tough for all the girls.


Believe me,

you don’t know how protected you are.


I don’t think that you really believe

half the shit

that comes out of your mouth.

You’re parroting a fantasy

that you were sold

without an ounce of doubt.


The world is full

of shit talkers,

who brag about the things

they’ve never done.

And there’s a long line

of “free thinkers”

lining up to buy,

from each and every one.


Everyone wants someone to look up to.

Everyone has dreams of something more,

but it’s likely that your cause is right beside you,

you duty,

should you take it,

always was;

simple and it doesn’t take a hero

to change the world,

or save the everyday.

The path to reality will find you

when you put all the useless shit away.


Trust me,

there’s somebody out there who needs you right now.


HG -2016

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