…and Good-bye

Are you trying to go?

Do you want to leave us?

Are you sick of the show?

Do you think you don’t need us?


Say it’s not so.

You used to believe us,

before the world put those ideas

in your head,

now you wish you were dead,

so much closer to Jesus.


I have seen it all before,

tell me if I’m lying;

that this place has made you bored,

you’ve even stopped trying

to move forward anymore,

the world is so uncompromising,

so you’ve decided

you just lay down and die,

well fuck you

and good-bye!


Never felt a hand that felt so cold.

Never touched a heart that felt so hollow.

There greatest tragedy in all the world

is watching you descending to the bottom.

Now here’s what I find

too much to abstain

from screaming out your name

as you escape,

the rest of us are stuck here,

facing days

and years without the benefit

of everything you could have made.


One less of us

and we are one weaker.

Leave us and we are one fewer.

You’re only as needed

as you need to be,

but all of us have our place

in the future.


I have seen a world without you in it.

It’s just the same as it was

a minute ago,

but all you love is gone;

never existed.

You were the reason they were in the show.


Removing yourself,

is only removing yourself

and ever connection you’ve had a s well

Everyone who knows you becomes someone else,

all of reality shifts

to make up for the hole you left.

It fills in the blanks,

for it abhors a vacuum,

your place at the table is unset,

leaving never gives us an emotion,

our brains are wired to forget.


This is the part you’ll always regret;



who was I talking about?

Who was I talking to?

I swear that someone was around;

another ghost,

sends shivers down my spine,

but I’m over it now.

Fuck you

and good-bye.

You were never here,


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