Keep it Down To a Dull Roar

Who needs to speak?

Whose voice is drowned out,

by the chaos and the clamor?

Whose words are swept away

in the current of the river?

Are the meek ready to prosper?

Or are they shaken when they whisper,

the words

that will condemn the world?


Have you suffered

for your brother?

Have you sinned

for your sister?

Have you eaten

from the bodies

of those

who died in winter?


Are you a lover?

a survivor?

Or a fighter

with dented armor?

Have you tasted

of the battle

and now you’re hooked

on war and karma?


Have you shouted from the rooftops

every secret

of your lost years?

Have you been trying

to speak the words,

but they won’t come,

all you get is tears?


Has the grief come

like a grave stone?

Have the fear grown

to make you stop

feeling good things,

altogether blocked

from the words

that could unlock

your heart,

and your soul,

and your love,

and your hate,

and your mind.

Speaking the truth of you

breaking to let out the light.

So much forms up

to keep you in a silent descent.

Rise to the day

with your heart free of loss and regret.


Hearing your voice

cry out in the wilderness,

speaking your world

into a new existence.

Silence is reserved for the dead;

make noise while you can.


HG – 2016

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