Ghosts of Wayward Lovers

All of my desires,

all my fires,

my life,

my heart,

the will to lift my eyes higher,

are far away.

Apart from me.


My soul is a wandering sparrow.

My path is narrow,

countenance harrowed,

but I will follow them

wherever they go.


Living the sentence

of a ghost, condemned

to haunt this world forgotten,

I have had the best things

this life had to offer,

but I lost them.

So many others paid my way

and I made light

of what it cost them,

now I’m lost out in the dirt,

just hurt and rotten.


I am waiting

on the light

to guide me home.

Angel’s wings,

or demon’s dreams,

to drag me back

where I belong

and never have I ever

been loved so much,

or been so alone.


Prince of far flung corners

of known places

and unknown destinations.

When I think that I am facing

where I want to go,

I end up somewhere I don’t know.


but that’s ok;

I’m losing my way to love.


HG – 2016

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