The Law of Dreaming

You seldom come this low,

down below.

Where visions show

and travelers embrace the smoke.

These halls

of all that is,

has been

and ever will be;

you lose yourself in me,

however temporarily.


I hold a mirror to you,

when it breaks

it shows

a shower of unfamiliar faces,

each with a fleeting grace.

An ocean you would never swim,

the key is lost within,

far deeper than you’ll be

while you still breathe.


A visitor in your native land,

you will never understand;

The Law of Dreaming

says that when you wake,

you’re rising again.

This is where all the pieces fit,

but you can’t muddle through.

This is the answer to emotion,

desire’s fingers gripping you.

A source of silent inspiration

of you and what is true.

You wake to your obliteration,

see what you wanted to.


I have

one way,

one place

to show you.

Where you

are from,

where you’re going to.

One glimpse,

one night at a time.

Like life,

lived one breath,

after one breath,

after one breath;

deeper each time.


HG – 2016

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