Emancipation of a Suburban Marriage

I don’t think I have ever understood you;

not on any real level, anyway.

We have lived and shared and known

so much of each other,

but I don’t think I know

the secrets of your heart.


Perhaps this is my shortcoming.

I have not been driven and intrepid

enough to bare the unexplored

and unnavigable parts of you

to reveal the hidden cities

clutched closest to your soul.


I am certain that I have not,

at least in some time,

donned my battle dress

and stormed the walls of you;

using guile and strategy

to bring them down,

so that I might storm your inner keep

and plunder your exquisite treasures.


It is my fault,

for not drawing you out;

coaxing you from the comfort

of the life we have created

into the dark and chilling night.

For not showing you the beauty of the unknown,

for not inspiring your curiosity

and wonder at the strange

and the unfamiliar.



it is surely my neglect,

that has dulled the light in your eyes

and taken the lustre from your smile.

Most assuredly,

it has been my own domestication

that has banished wonder

and excommunicated adventure

from our lives.



no more.

Going forward,

you will have to expect the unexpected;

for the desire comes quickly.

The tides go out and with them,

we depart.

For this life is not mine,

to spend in suburbs safety;

I am a creature of the far and distant horizon

and you ,

who bonded yourself to me

are my ever-loved companion.


I am sorry,

for the world laid a veil on my eyes

and for a moment,

I thought that I was another creature,

but now I am exorcized,

freed from the confines of convention.

It is time

for us to learn of each other,

in the only way we can;

on the winds of change

and on the journey

of our lives.


HG -2016

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