The Art of Persuasion

A soft word in your ear,

a bright and kindly smile,

a warm, caressing touch,

a gift in selfless style.


The firm, but stern address.

The suggestion to do.

The ridicule of those

who do not share your views.


Stigmatize enemies.

Foment great hate with lies,

raise up our candidate.

Opponents demonized.


The rule of law exposed

as the most flagrant lie.

Back to the mob we go,

used to be civilized.


Order must be restored

by the most equal side.

The scales of Justice fall,

the Republic has died.


An old, immortal grip

of tyranny shall sit

upon the throne again,

rule with an iron fist.


The hands around your throat.

A gun up to your head.

A prison for your voice.

A grave for your dissent.


This is the Art of Persuasion.

Violence is done with the tongue.

Hatred is done with the mind.

The hands just clean up when we’re done.


Have we truly made our fate?

Have we done all that we could?

Did we make the same mistakes

as the prophets said we would?

Did the world have half a chance?

Was it set up from the start?

Was it ever ours to build?

Did we tear it all apart?


HG – 2016

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