Phoenix Life

Why do you hide from the storm?

What do you fear of its power?

These are just words on a page,

life gets shorter by the hour.

Love is a dangerous game,

I’m trying to get you to play

and stand out with me in the rain.

I’m trying to make you exclaim;

“I love being alive!”


I’m not trying to make you feel

like no one else has ever done.

I’m trying to break the seal

on all your emotions.

So you can learn to know you

in the wind and the thunder rolls.

I will help you lose your mind,

strip you down and make you whole.

I’m not trying to move you,

I’m trying to break you down,

so you can see how you were made,

what lies on the inside,

so you will say;

“I love being alive”


There is so much in this world

that means nothing.

Let your life be your death,

you will rise from destruction.


HG – 2016

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