Eyes That See in Color

Eyes that behold the light,

sapphire blue suffusions.

Reflections through spectrums

of deep, red hearts pulsing,

expanding with mass gathering

faster that heat burns,

hot white and corona yellow,

in purity of conversion.


Bright soul of the brilliant fires,

burned long,

down to even, cold azure,

off-gassing green luminescent

and striking crystalline veins

of indigo and amethyst.


Roiling in the deep plasma cauldron,

forming the universe.

Riding the great graviton dragon,

scales that shimmer oyster shell,

steel chromatics wave

strange, star forged alloys

smashed from star clusters,

bombarded by alien radiation.

Born of a billion stars

and forged into shape

by dark forces,

filling the gaps

between the light.


Beyond the distant fantail

of the light particle deltas,

lays the long, impenetrable black.

The “Was Before”

and the “Always Will Be”.

The edge of the first unknown.

The riverbank of cosmic consciousness.


Back in the backwater,

simple, white dust spiral,

the rock/water ball

calls eyes that behold the light

and wonder at the darkness.

Birthed by the Fates,

or the Architect

to behold

and to be beheld,

through eyes that see in color.


HG -2016

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