There’s Gonna Be a Hot Time…

I’m going to deny everything

and suppress the hollow

threat against me.

There are no ordinary

ways to claim

your way back home.

I haven’t been back in a while,

but I know that the streets still smell

like something old and rotten.

Broken promises,

fermented tears

and fallow gardens.


I’m giving up on you right now,

so you can escape the insurrection.

That which is only the same old

blood and fire that got us here.

The revolution’s coming around

and when it does,

there’s gonna be questions.

There gonna wanna know

the details of the inferno,

but I will deny everything.


I am no cloistered conscience,

I am the fly upon the wall.

That old telltale sentinel

of shit and death.

My proboscis burrowed deep

in the fetid breath

of a thousand soulless lawyers.

Feeding on a million bloated bankers.

Fat for the fire,

so light a candle

in the flatulent atmosphere

and ignite a beacon of freedom

for the poor and desperate.


I have no secret knowledge.

I just know that the blade

moves in a circle,

always coming around again;

always taking a little off the top,

so push yourself up at your peril.

This isn’t the old grind,

this is the final cut

and there’s no hiding the bodies,

there’s no cleaning up the blood.

When God comes this time,

it’s gonna be with fire

and I’m gonna deny everything.

HG – 2016  

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