What Purpose?

I have been playing dead

out of fear

that the behemoth

of time and duty

will take me.


I have been feigning death,

in hopes

that the monster of my life

will simply pass me by.


A childish man,

hiding under the proverbial covers,

safe only from imaginary boogeymen,

but not from life.


What a coward I have been.

What a deadbeat, non-participant

in my own life.


When those around me

wanted for comfort,

needed help,

required guidance,

were seeking leadership;

I just locked myself away

and prayed to die.


“… let this cup pass from me…”


Even Jesus didn’t want His purpose.

Jonah didn’t want his purpose,

Moses didn’t want his purpose;

come to think about it,

pretty much everyone

who is called by God

to fulfill some part of His plan

wants to run at first.


We deny our purpose.

We doubt ourselves.

We let fear

and insecurities

and enemies

fill our minds with hurtful

and pleasurable things

that make it easy

to procrastinate

and form artful excuses,

but as with all those called;

“Thy will be done”.


Eventually, we stand.

We straighten our spines

and take up our purpose,

our mission, our task

and then;

God help those

who would stand against us.


Set your eyes high,

my brothers and sisters;

for there is no Heaven

on this Earth.

But there is work to be done

and many yet to be saved

in the coming storm.


Rally your faculties,


bolster and increase your stocks

and sharpen your blade,

true your arrows,

because for some of us;

it will be war.


God be with us.

Let his Holy Spirit

join with us

in accomplishing

His Divine Purpose.


Let us have compassion,

but give our enemies no quarter.

God be with us.




HG -2016

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