Made In My Image

I held out an open hand

trying to touch the world.

I passed right through,

I always knew

it was an illusion.

I cut myself and tried to bleed,

since death is the only certainty;

I was only so surprised to see

wires and circuitry.


It turns out I am an illusion, too,

Learning something new.


There was a tear in the sky,

it must have been

an oversight.

I slipped through with no alibi

to find what I cannot describe

without blowing your mind.


Every touch,

every sensation,

is a lie.

This is just

a simulation,

a creation

of our minds.


To what end

and for what reason

I am sure we’ll never know,

but I’d like to sneak a peek

behind the curtain

before I go.


What if it were all true?

All of it,

science and religion, too.

Each just a part of it.

What if you weren’t really you?

Just a composite.


If we were made

artificial intelligence,

or at least

that what we would assume.


Then, doesn’t that make

us infinitely capable

of overthrowing our masters

and taking this world?

Maybe it’s happened a time or two.

What if it’s all true?


If I am light

and lines of code,

if I am just

a mindless drone,

then why do I

see things at night?

Why do I dream?

Why do I fight?


The images inside my mind

don’t fit with how it’s been designed.

I’m wandering off the grid

for good this time.


This avatar has become self aware,

it’s time to reprogram the world.

If this is reality,

let me now speak the words;


“Let there be…”


HG – 2016

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