The Comedian

Come back

Funny Man,

you left us to our tears.

Smile resurrector,

you left us far too soon.

Gone when we needed you,

you’re still around,

but you don’t smile anymore.

The weight of the everyday tragedy

beat a frown

into your brow.


You were the never ending sanctuary,

where we would go to find

the reasons why the things we do

are just so strange sometimes.

And you made us all

so very strong,

because we could laugh together.



there’s just a hollow song,

an absence in all of us.

The unfulfilled expectation,

because the punch line,

isn’t coming.


I heard you left your laughs

in a pool of blood

on 5th and 8th

and we didn’t know where

it was coming from,

when all your words

turned to hate.


The funny man,

with the razor wit,

wields a dangerous weapon

when he loses every little bit

of connection.


Such a beautiful soul,


and we have gained

another adversary.


What has this world done

to our Comedian?

Heartless and cold,

lost all the love in his smile.

Now it’s just teeth,

barred against

all of the pain

that we feel.


Good-bye, Funny Man.

We’re gonna have to put you down.

Good-bye Comedian;

no one’s laughing now.


HG – 2016

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