My Inglorious Fate


like water,

only runs down

and runs out.

Might as well say

I’ll stay thirsty

and late.

I’ve avoided the law

of the man,

of the gods,

now I’m left here

sitting at the gate.


Rode the storm

and boy,

it was a long one.

Wandered the desert

and paid

with lovers

and friends.

Sold them all,

step by step

on my way

to my inglorious fate.


I tell you,

there’s no greater

regret that a man can hold,

than knowing he bought

cheap liquor

with blood and with souls.

To know that the pleasures

he’s known all over the world,

are the evils that subjugate

all of the scared and the hurt.


So, I’m watching my time wind down now,

and I’m scared,

but not because I’m dying.

It’s ’cause I left my love

and all I cared of

out in the cold,



That I don’t have to go

to the war no more,

that I don’t have to give

up my soul.

Now I’m at the gates

of whatever awaits;

Heaven or Hell,

I don’t know.


I might have spent my life drinking

when I should have prayed,

all the same,

my end is God’s will.

And I’ll say to His face

when we stand in this place,

that I tried to save

more than I killed.


HG -2016

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