Fumble Fuck

I’m a blind man,

trying to feel my way

around this system.

I’m lost in intricate


I don’t understand

the symbols or their meaning,

can’t shake the feeling,

this isn’t going to end well.


I tried to take apart a person,

just to see how they worked

on the inside,

but it can be a touchy operation;

turns out we’re all the same,

once you put the skin aside.

I guess

we’re not

so special in the flesh.

I’m trying to figure out

what makes us so different.


There’s something

I’m missing,

I hear the punchline,

but miss the joke,

so I’m laughing right along

with the words

they say you spoke.


I’ve read the prophets

and the pilgrims,

Dali Lamas,

ancient texts

and everybody speaks of death,

but no one knows just what will happen next.


What the actual fuck

is going on here?

The hate is orchestrated,

there’s too much to be so raw

and it’s based on those

manipulated images you saw.


Someone is fucking with the system,

bending it towards their cause.

The end is near

and only by our own designs

will we escape the fall.


I’ve got a joke,

stop me if you’ve heard this one;

Two men walk into a bar,

one with a knife,

one with a gun.

The man with the knife orders up

the most expensive drink,

the other man shoots him and says;

“I’ll have what he’s having!”

and then he shoots the bartender

and then he shoots himself

and the bar burns to the ground

in a spectacular inferno.


These are the same games

that we’re playing every day.

I can’t see the reason behind it,

it just seems insane.

Murder the world

and what do you gain?

It’s like killing yourself

to get to that extra special place.


I’m more confused than ever.

I hope that you forgive my mind,

for dragging you in with me,

down this crazy, dangerous slide.

I’m not always this unstable,

sometimes I am so much more,

but I just can’t help by wonder

what the future has in store.


I will bear my witness.

I will ask God, “Why?”

and I will get the answers

when I die.

If I get them before,

you’ll know I’ve gone crazy.


HG – 2016

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