Love in A Physical Universe

How long has it been

since you were last told

that you are special

and unique to the universe?

Not only needed by the world,

but necessary for its existence?


I know you have been

feeling a little blurry around the edges;


like an underexposed photograph.

And I know you’ve been wanting

that quick rush of interaction,

but I think you need

to stop falling in love.


You haven’t yet noticed

that your incomplete edges

are only places where you failed

to fill them in.

Lacking primal contact

with this world as it is,

will leave you withdrawn

to the point you can’t come back.


This place is a myriad

of visceral contact.

Interactions are physical;

fast and they don’t last.

If you want to see the miracles,

you have to go

where miracles are happening.

You won’t find them in any

safe space.

You won’t know them,

if you always turn away.


Don’t fall in love

with every love

that loves you,

or you want to love.

There is a deception

in the blood

that pumps into the brain

of everyone

when they’re young.


Let the desire burn you up,

so you are no longer here.

We understand nothing of love.

We understand nothing of God.

We’ve given our places above

for a place down below

in the dark.

Here we know truth by the touch

and discernment is surely an art.

We have gone on far too long

equating the body

with our spirit,

with our minds,

with our hearts.


You are beautiful,

but love

is for the ugly,

the poor

and the downtrodden.

You are Blessed,

so leave yourself abandoned.

You are loved

by absence and silence.

The universe exists because you do.

I bet you didn’t know

that all the fault lies with you.

You’re born to die alone,

with the whole world;

so special and unique,

you should know

that you are loved.


HG – 2016

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