I wish I had the hands

of a healer.

I wish that I could touch you

and make you well.

That I could,

with grace and will and love,

shrivel tumors

and drive distemper from you.


I wish

that my kiss

were narcotic

and sedative,

enough to take away your pain

and give you rest.


I wish that all your life

could be given back to you,

like gifts

you have always deserved.


I wish that my embrace

aas all it took

to make this place,

a paradise

and not these painted walls

that have stood

to watch tears fall

and light fade.


I wish that I could tell you,

but you’re gone.

I didn’t have the courage

like you did.

You walked into the world

beyond wishes

and we were left

watching your exit.


I think sometimes

that wishes aren’t so strong,

but that doesn’t mean

we’ll ever stop.


HG – 2016

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