there are no easy ways out.


all there is

is the war.

Attacks that never stop,

assaults that never cease;

there is no peace

for the unapologetic.


I’ve fanned the flames

of rage and hate and desire,

poured a little gas onto the fire

and watched as it burned all that I love.

Prayed to God above

for the rain to come,

but only saw the Sun.


Sifted through the ashes

for old bones,

some evidence of what I was.

Nothing left, but a torn throat

and a broken mind,

ravaged by the smoke.


I have paid for wasting

every day

and now,

I think it’s time I let

the snakes out of my mouth.

Their venom is a tincture

that can heal,

but pain stays in the brain

longer than they say.


I’ll do alright,

too hard to be ground down

further than I am.

The weight

of the wait

is a burden I will bear.

The rest of the world

will just have to understand.


I’m not sure that I’ll ever

lay down

and die.

I’ll be here forever;

a testament to stubborn pride.

A single tear

from a single eye,

shedding all the pain in the world.

Ready now,

to take on the world.



life is a knife fight.


HG – 2016

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