A Prayer For Believers

I’ve been on my knees

praying for silence.

Begging for an end

to all this noise.

Even the lightest touch

now seems like violence.

I know now

I didn’t have a choice.


I’m a hunter now

for hearts of evil.

I’m a lover of things

gone and passed away.

My memories

are superficial recollections

of a time

that only ever existed

in my head.

I choose my life instead

of listening to the voices

of the dead.


I’m not who I was

when this whole thing started.

I’m another creature

you won’t recognize.

When I arrive

you still deny the changes;

don’t believe the truth

with your own eyes.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


We were always

so sure

we knew what we were,

turns out I was

something obscure,

unseen and adaptive,


I never did find my way home.



and the world changed me so.

I guess you’ll never know

how far I had to go

to be a something,


like stars when they explode.


I am just a billion tiny pieces,

come together for an hour or two.

I am the universe

that pulled itself together

long enough

to find you

and now you say

that there’s no reason,

no point to it all.


I guess you’ll see

what happens;

we are anointed to fall,

but it’s what catches you;

who loves you most of all.


I’m going to be there;

at the bottom of the world.

I’ll be there

in the silence

when you run out of words.

I’ll be there when they find you

and you’re all out of tears.

I’ll be there

when the whole world



HG – 2106

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