The Bones That Broke The World

Sticks and stones

will break your bones,

but names they will define you,

limit you,

confine you,

until you can transcend them.


My bones will knit

stronger than before.

Wiser for the lessons,

as I learn to understand them.


I have also been known,

as lost and broken.

Fear me now,

I’m found an healed.


Let me tell you

about what it is,

to be an outcast,

to be reviled;

to know no sanctuary

from the stones.



what if these could be

the bones that broke the world?


This life is more

than what I could pare down,

to fit into a message

that you could understand.


This will have to be

done with my bare hands.

I hope you’re here

to see it in the end.


I am finished

with fate and hope;

they are bitchy mistresses.


There is no succor now

for my disappointments.

Let me bathe in the glow

of burning bridges.


Knowing is half the battle,

then it’s time to go to war

with all the little things in life

that just get too hard to ignore.

I know what I’m doing this for.


I remember having dreams

of the end of the world

and it’s time to get ready, now.


Maybe I should have let

the names define me;

I’m sure it would have been easier.

HG – 2016

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