Shattering Your Perfect Sky

I am speaking in an empty room,

describing myself to the walls,

exposing myself with the words,

I wonder how much you might have heard.

Hiding in the corner stall,

didn’t know that you were there,

shoving your dreams up your arm;

I thought I was so far from harm.


There are illusions that we hold

as close to us as God.

Lies we tell ourselves

when we’re scared of the dark.

We’re special and we’re brilliant,

but we’re not safe at all;

the truth is just a mirror,

bending light,

depending how it falls.


I am designing pain

for all of the world to feel.

I’ll share my choice of shame,

give my trepidation wheels.

Give my conscience a gun

and give insecurity the bomb,

share all my visions of the earth

after everybody’s gone.


When the universe decides

to shatter your perfect sky,

I’ll be dancing all alone

with the perfect alibi.


I was never meant to serve,

you were never meant to prove

there’s a point to all of this

humorous interlude.


Like the heartbeats in your chest;

breathe in,

breathe out.

All that time that you invest;

bleed in,

bleed out.

There’s a truth to consequence;


in doubt.

That’s the lie we never sense;

just leave,

 me out.


The empty room has living walls.

The echoes of my words

come back in one million voices

all proclaiming the same thing.

“We didn’t have a choice!”

Liars mainlining denial.

Maybe if I’m silent for a while,

the echoes will die;

we all die, too.

Watching the end of the world

in a room without a view.


HG – 2016

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