At Second Glance

A bright smile

and self assured,

a walk just killing those shoes.

Head held high

and eyes wide,

showing care.

I think you’ve got

things figured out

at first glance

and then I turn away.

For a moment,

my mind wanders

and when my gaze returns.

I see you walking

with your daughter

and your son.

At least I assume they are,

as they pull you to and fro

and that perfect,

young professional

I saw moments ago,

is now a mom,

just shopping with her kids.


There is so much value

in that second glance,

so many first impressions

never tell the tale.

If I can only go outside

my prejudiced

and projections,

I might see you for who you are.


There’s a kid,

who works at the coffee shop

nor far from where I work;

he’s tall and too thin

for his skinny jeans

and I assume

that his days are full

of half-caff, double shot lattes

and texting

and video games;

every day,

I assume,

just the same as the other day.

At second glance

and I see past the projections,

I had laid at the feet of this young man.

The way he speaks,

calling people “Sir” and “Ma’am”,

the strength of his posture

and the short, tight haircut.

I could picture him in his uniform,

but not the one he was wore;

a new recruit

and not some feckless boy.


A second glance is what we all deserve.

A look beyond what we think we see.

The chance to share the heart

of who we are.

A second glance

a chance to see the truth.


HG – 2016

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