Another Day of My Life

I don’t want to wish

for more time.

I don’t want to mourn

the life I did not live.

I know that there are only so many

brilliant dawns

allotted to my eyes

and I want to experience every one.


I have wasted lifetimes,

if measured by the time of the less fortunate;

many, many lifetimes.

No longer will I squander days

for I have no more precious a thing left to me.

Time ends for all men

and God tell us

that if we are righteous,

then we need not fear death,

but righteous is something

I have never been.


I do not fear death,

but, I do fear

not living life.


These days

I feel the pull

of a long neglected moral compass

more acutely than in my younger days.

As if True North calls me

back to the Omega and the Alpha;

the end,

where it all began.


So, it is time to set aside

the things that we were,

and ready myself

for what is to come.

This written word shall be

the log of my journey home,

to the top of the world.


I have never been more sober,

or more empty,

like a vessel

waiting to be filled.

My life

is as a

word upon the paper;


for the days

to be fulfilled.

One day

I will wake

from this dream,

until then

I must dream

for my life.


HG – 2016

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