The Spiral of Good-Bye

I was wrong.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Move along,

towards the never ending place

I’ll be gone

and you’ll be happier this way

with a memory

in the place of a tragedy.


We were young

and time so quickly stole our charms

things were done

that were never meant to harm,

but here we are,

there we were

I guess that’s gone

down the spiral of good-bye

we had the time of our lives.


I only hope you can love me

when I’m gone.

I only hope that I’ve fixed

what I did wrong.

I only hope that I linger

in your heart

one more touch,

one more whisper

in the dark.


We played our lives out

the only way we knew how

and one of us

would be the first

to leave the here and now.

I hope that you know

I loved you

as much as time allowed.

As my candle flickers out

your name still in my mouth.


Don’t cry

too much

my love.

I won’t be far


I’ll stay

as close

as I can.

I’ll be

your ghost

in the end.


Time only takes us apart.

We’ve tried to live

from the start.

Hold me,

forgive me,

I’m gone.

We’ll always have infinity,

our love will live on.


HG – 2016

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