Daily Word Jumble

King of the long draw,

the explanation gone.

Self denier,

a clinical neglect.


Shake them old bones,

see what the future brings.

Never give up,

always give in

to the medicine.


Hang on for now,

the weather’s gonna change,

far reaching

and long gone,

the interface.


An addict is an addict,

no way to deviate.

Still smelling the candle burns

from 3 days ago.


Wandering mind purge,

walking alone anyway.

Lost in the flash floods,

should only be gone

another couple of days.


I only ask,

because it’s written

all over your face.

Why are you down

in the humdrum?

So many complex,




give up some more,

yet you can’t give it all away.

Give in,

but never give up,


I hear you’re running on empty.

Motor works overtime,

burning away the night,

for small gains

and the loss of sanity.


I never understood.

I only ever denied.

I am what I want,

no question;

never was trying.


Comfort is a pill

and pleasure is a contract.

Give it all away

until just the skull is left.

This isn’t supposed

to make sense yet.


HG – 2016

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