… I am quiet and peaceful now.

I am moving,

slowly like a breeze.

I barely stir the leaves.

the footprints of the insects

are louder than me.


You hear that?


That is me.

I am owl’s silent flight.

I am still,

like winter night.

Even starlight

shines with noise

into the void.


Walk like the creep of dawn.

Stalk like the night falls.

The ultimate hunter,

I was never there at all.


Never seen and never heard;

I am the space between the words.

That moment in between

each breath is where I am.

Seek me at your peril, young man.


I am purpose.

I am peace of mind.

The never wondering drive.

The certainty of life.

I am Death and all things

that are never satisfied;

the endless, gnawing hunger you deny.



… can you hear it?


Then I am there.


Take comfort in the fact

that you’re aware.

To know me is to know

I’m everything

and everywhere.


Those silent moments

between your thoughts,

between your breaths,

between heartbeats;

is where we meet.


I am with you

and you with me.

Silent continuity.


HG – 2016

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