The Lie

Maybe I’ve been lying all along,

but who expected me

to tell the truth?

Would the Father of Lies

be surprised?

I doubt he’d even turn a head or two.


The night is all the truth I’ve ever known.

I’ve asked the sky for rain to help me grow.

I have been denied,

spent my time alone.

Made up my whole world,

created on my own.


A child was afraid,

until he learned to run away.

The world inside his mind,

became the everyday.

Only in the dark,

does the illusion fade away

and all the colors

turn to shades of grey.


I had an imaginary friend.

He was always trying to get in.

When he died,

I chocked it up to becoming a man,

but now I think he’s coming back again.


I don’t think that reality

has ever agreed with me

and so,

I try to force my own beliefs

onto a world that mimics what it sees.

A lie is just a truth that hasn’t been.

This consensus world

reflects somebody’s dreams.


I’m just going to keep making mistakes

and fake the faith,

until I make it

to the place where it all breaks.

Where the water from the mountains

meets the sea.

Where the lie becomes a dream

and we awake reality.

Until then,

I’ll just sit here

with the truth of the dark

and wait for all the craziness to start.


I’m imagining a dream,

conceiving of a world,

I’m trying to reveal,

the lie inside the Earth.

Such a pleasure to conceive,

such a pain to birth.

Trading in a lie

for what it’s worth.

Making up my mind,

somewhere out in the universe,

is the truth,

the darkness

and the light

of something new.


HG – 2016

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