Summer Sun Shower


of summer days;

rain falling crystalline

from a cloudless sky.

Children laugh

and splash about

in purple, polka-dot galoshes,

singing songs only understood

by the initiated.


The grown ups seek shelter;

rolling up newspapers

and rushing inside,

with half hearted instructions

for their kids to follow,

knowing their orders will be ignored.


Soon it will be time,

for catching big worms.

The long, slimy ones,

that only come out

during a summer sun shower.

Who would want to miss that?


Hair hangs matted and wet

and mud comes up past the knees

and grass stains

and dirty dress hems

will infuriate mothers

for blocks around.


When the sun showers

give way to bright, hot sun again;

the magic will have gone,

taking with it the opportunity

for making mud and memories.


HG – 2016

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