If Looks Could Kill

I’m feeling dangerous today;

like I should be locked in a cage.

I’m a storm about to rage,

a bullet, or a blade;

I don’t think anyone is safe.


I’m feeling beautiful today.

I think that I’ll lead the parade.

Not a hair is out of place,

I don’t feel overweight

and I’m dressed to kill for play.


This is what happens

when I stay sober

and get rest.

Oh, now you’re impressed?

Well, I’m not here

to be your interest.

This is just weakness,

the real thing is secret.

I’m here to make sure,

I know you can keep it.


I’m stunning and brilliant,

the lines are just lost

on the arrogant.

Paying the cost,

just to live with it,

breaking the limit

and why…

… does no one try

to kick in the doors anymore?


We used to run ourselves ravaged

and savage the halls of aristocrats.

Crash all their dark little parties

and smash through the lines of their armies.

Now, we’re seduced by the light,

reduced to this insignificant,

bored and ignorant,

depressed and impotent – life.


I’m feeling dangerous today.

I’d slip my skin

and wear your face;

to show these people they’re a shade,

not what they should have made,

now it’s okay to be afraid.


I’m feeling beautiful today.

I’m wearing all the best of names.

Some might think I’ve gone insane,

but that’s okay, I feel great;

sometimes you’ve got to break some eggs.


HG – 2016

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