Sometimes it’s tough to get going.

Sometimes the potential energy

just won’t reach a threshold for release,

until the seconds are groaning by,

and each tick of the clock

is the lifespan of a star.

Then, finally

– SNAP!-

We’re moving.

Feelings flooding,

images rushing past

faster than the mind can catch them.

Blurring, blazing, cascading.

Each jarring, stutter stepping

crash through obstacles

cannot slow

our limitless acceleration.

Faster and faster,

until each thought is stretched

across space and time

and we are in every instant

at the same time.

For the briefest of moments,

we can see everything.

Then finally


The instantaneous contraction

drags us back,

smashed flat

into our own time,

our own bodies,

our own minds.

Reeling from the journey,

the velocity of the impact.

It will be minutes,

or hours

before all of our senses return

from being dragged across the universe.

As each part of ourselves returns,

it bears with it some piece

of our journey.

A piece of our story.

Now we are ready to write.

HG – 2016

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