The Dragonfly and I

I have heard it told,

that dragonflies are souls;

returned to Earth in peace,

existing in release.


I have heard the whisper of their wings,

telling me what the times will bring.

A turning of this world around the sun,

our work not yet begun,

there’s so much left undone.


We are both brittle creatures,

the dragon fly and I;

seeking out our lives

up in the sky.

Drawn down to the world,

like a moth to a light,

turns out the world

is no longer a garden of delights.

The joys are few,

so find them where you might.


I will die

knowing that I’ve known,

what I could while I was alive.

When I pass away,

into the final night,

I just might return

as one more dragonfly.


Nothing gets created,

or destroyed


so I don’t think

in terms

of dead and gone.

Part of us remains,

part of us moves on

and none have come

to tell us of

the coming dawn,

save one.


I have heard it told,

that dragonflies are souls

and when it’s my time to go,

I will know

and after I have been laid below,

you might see my soul arise,

maybe in the dragonfly and I.


HG – 2016

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