I see your struggle.

I see your single minded obsession,

driving you to rise earlier,

run longer,

lift more,

fight harder.

Never mind the doubters

and the sedentary time wasters,

begging you to join them on the sidelines.

 You are too busy;

trying to make grades,

make weight,

make time.

Their opposition is nothing,

because your real opponents

are awake before you,

on the track before you,

on the mats before you.

They are bigger,  stronger, faster,

with more money, more support

and better equipment.

But you’ve got more heart,

more hunger and more drive.

You’ve worked through pulled muscles,

snapped bones and concussions.

Bad falls, mat burns

and more blisters than you can remember.

You’ve said more swear words,

she more tears, kept more promises

and missed more parties

than anyone, ever

and it will show.

On the clock,

on the score cards,

in the crowd’s roar,

on your opponent’s face

and on the podium,

when they play

the song of your people.


Now, go play.


HG – 2016

2 thoughts on “Play

    1. Thank you! I was writing this one in my head for a few days while watching the Summer Olympics on television. I am always inspired by people who put everything on the line for their dreams.

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