My Eve

Well dressed

and fashionably late,

a smile that lit the room

and eyes

that captured and held the gazes

of every dimly lit soul present.

You were always the attraction.

You, with your perfect skeletal structure,

flawless skin

and subtle muscular symmetry…

… and nice teeth,

big and straight.

Your predatory smile

left more than one of our guests

feeling a little bit

like they were being eyed for lunch,

and I never said otherwise.


It was always funny to me,

the way they tried to dismiss you,

as uncultured and untaught.

Ignorant and incapable

and maybe a little bit

in over your head,

but you always left them speechless

in the end.

I have ever seen anyone

so deftly disarming.

The effortlessly capable way

you would draw upon

your ivy league education

without a hint of ego

and when challenged,

brush the claws of their wit away

with amusement,

like they were the playful paws of kittens.


I loved you for it.

Unexpected brilliance

in a dull world,

silently resigning itself to its fate.

You were a lighthouse

to my drifting ship.

You were Polaris,

guiding me on.

You were more than what love could make alone.

Faulted with deep contradictions

that you never seemed to understand,

nor allow to limit, or define you

to the world.


You appeared as little more than an apparition,

a ghostly figure,

not thought to truly exist.

They said you held

all the attributes of a fictional character,

as if you had escaped the page

of some cheap paperback,

but to me, you were so much more.

You, the waking dream,

become perfect flesh and bone.

A creature of my mind

that walked the Earth.

My Eve,

that I created first.


HG – 2016

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