Laughing at the Fate of the World

There are not

always prayers

for the pain

of the loss

of another one’s


for the day

is upon us

and we must be


for there’s blades

in the promise

that we will be safe.


Isn’t it great?


There are words

that can hold

the gun

just as well

as hands

let go

there is one,


that I love,

much better than this,

sitting here,

hanging my feet

in the Abyss.


There is no certainty,

no loss,

no cost,

just what will be;

que sera, sera.

Don’t try to make sense

of it all;

we made the towers

to fall.


There is no reason,

or why’s.

Let go

of that fear

in your eyes.

You’ve come so far,

don’t let it die.

There is no line,

there is no time,

it’s all made up,

it’s all just a lie.

What you feel

as pain,

is just


a little shock

inside you mind.

It’s all one big joke

and soon you’ll find

there isn’t






HG -2016

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