A Beautiful Cage

You won’t admit

that you have closed your eyes,

when the world outside

showed that it didn’t care

and you got scared.

Learned you had been believing in a lie,

but you’re too brave to hide,

so you built a grand design.

Painted with the world

you want to see

on the inside

and now you’re okay,

to open up your eyes again.


Liking what you see is being pacified.

You weren’t raised to be a soldier,

just a drone,

another regular guy.

That great big world

was more that you could fight,

so now you view it

through a bent and broken light.



You are a coward;

always were,

always will be.

Ever since the 10th grade,

When you decided you were better off

living in a world that you made up,

rather than this one

the rest of us have to love.

You could change the world,

if you want too,

but now you’ve got

a customized world view

and you love the way

it tells you that you’re right.


Having to admit that you grew up

must really suck,

because I know

that you’re afraid to die.

Everyone around you will die, too.

It’s the way we live that makes it

seem like we’re alive,

but you ran away to hide,

and that’s alright.

It’s OK to be scared,

to not like how the world has changed.

It’s just you,

so don’t deny the day.

There is so much left worth living

and now your circle is so small.

The world is still there

to be explored and loved.


Why are you hiding

in your beautiful cage?

I think it’s time

you went outside again.


HG -2016

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