We Live The Night Life

Let there forever be wonder in the night.

Let us never cower from the dread of dark hands

that clutch our hearts and minds

and draw our bravery from us;

for even in our terror

we are intrepid.


We have inhabited the dark,

the void of space,

the immensity of Earth’s deepest places.

We are creatures of the darkness;

at home in absence

and comforted when light hides

beyond our sight.


We were once cave dwellers,

night stalkers,

apex predators

that stalked in the quiet beyond twilight.

We are as owls,

holding court and presiding over our dominion,

by owning that blackest part of the day

as a birthright.


The night does not only conceal,

it comforts us,

it restores us,

it feeds our dreams of new days

and new adventures.

While the day is for toil and fruition,

the night is for fantasy,

dreaming and achieving the impossible.

The night abides our flights of fancy.


In the quiet hours,

before the sun has yet to lighten the sky,

we are our most genuine selves.

Lit by our own light of purpose;

we gain measure of the lamplight of our hope.

We, the stewards of all time

live in the day,

but dwell in dark.

We are born from the endless black.


HG – 2016

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