I will make a place

for you to fall.

I will make a space

for you to run.

You won’t need anything at all,

when I am done

you will hear me call.


At my table,

you will always have a place.

You will never have to be afraid

to show your face.

I will do everything

I can to make it safe.

I will make the ultimate escape.


I will take the pain

from your eyes.

I will strip you out of your disguise.

Open up the sky

and maybe you will realize,

we are more than dying fireflies.


I’ll wear my soul

on my outside.

I’ll show you I’m

broken inside,

so you can hope,

so you’re alive,

so you can leave,

those old reasons behind.


I will do my best to make you smile

and forget the world,

for a little while.

Light the dark

and color outside your lines.

I will show you it’s okay to try.


We both see the world

through the same

broken window pane.

Blinded by the cracks

and shattered sights.

I will show you how

to break that last

and final time,

until there’s nothing

between you and your life.


I will show you how

to burn your life,

until it shines.

I will give you more

that you can deny.

Open up your eyes

and you will never fear the night;

we are more than dying fireflies.


HG – 2016

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