Broken Angel’s Wings

I didn’t know I’d be the last love you’d trust,

I didn’t know that after me you’d just give up.

I wish you’d told me that the pain was just too much,

I could have helped you feel the kind of touch

that you always had for me when I would run,

home to you,

when I put down my guns.

That image of you standing in the door,

isn’t there anymore.

You were the most important battle in the war.


We grew up in a world that made it seem

that it would be so easy to believe

in love and all the things that made our dreams

and never ending perfect picture

we lost to the flames.

Love, it turns out,

has an expiration date,

so much in this world is made to separate,

we were lost from the day,

I signed upon the page

and went to fight another day

I know you tried to stay.


I know I lost you

and gave up paradise.

I broke your heart

and cracked the vision in your eyes.

I can tell

by the way you cry,

we’ll never heal the wounds

that we carry inside.

I know that I could have been,

husband, lover, friend,

soldier, perfect killing machine,

burned and broken,

lost upon some god forsaken plain,

you told me you’ll never love again.


This was the fight of our lives,

the most important battle in the war,

lost when we ignored

what we were fighting for.

Broken angel wings

will learn to fly.

I will be there

in the morning,

standing by your side.

A ghost that never leaves you,

a love that cannot die,

waiting for you in the afterlife.


HG – 2016

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