I cannot give myself anymore,

there’s nothing left inside.

Just a ghost I was before,

now I realize

that I have died.

I’ve lost my disguise,

now I cannot hide

like I did

when I was

the only thing

you would need.


I was below

and above

and the answer

to your dreams,

yet you took,

you betrayed.

You just took it all,

lying all the while;

that’s why I smile.


There’s a cost

and there’s a point,

but I have never paid.

I’ve lost my edge

and enjoyed

the ending of the days.

You have lived

by the life

that you thought I gave.

You didn’t see me

sharpen up the blade.


You can’t take

what I give,

because I give it for free.

Never asked,

never once,

what it was costing me.

So, I’ll think I’ll just watch

you bleed for a little while

and I’ll just smile.


I can laugh at my misfortune,

I can smile at my pain,

but you better fucking believe

that it’s not happening again.

I’ve been patient

for so long,

that I’m a little bit insane.

I’ve watched everything I love walk away.


I gave you all you asked for,

I couldn’t give you anymore.

I’ve been used,

I’ve been abused,

won’t happen anymore.

I’ve given up on sadness,

I’ve got the bright eyes of a child.

The way it has to be,

it pleases me.

That’s why I smile.


HG – 2016

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