“Fuck The Doomed”

Come on,

give me a another stress headache,

hit me with more overtime,

less pay,

no promotion,

sleepless nights,

glaring gaps in my future planning,

bills piling up faster than my income,

lost friendships,

hard facts and soft reasoning,


 bleeding heart heroes,

knuckle dragging gay salesmen,

burned black churches,

with rich pastors,

and poor nations feeling more pain

than a conveniently turned blind eye

will assuage.


Fuck this level of hostile prosperity,

fraudulent social slavery,

celebrity cult cannibals

feeding on the fresh minds

of young debutantes,

one stage away from pupating

into another locust plague.


I’m pretty sure that I’ve committed my life

to making it possible for kids to grow up

in a world where the highest possible life achievements

lay in the gilded halls of political councils,

chaired by corrupt, shit slinging apes

in bad suits with worse speechwriters,

barely stuttering over the next lie that crawls

out of their mouths;

like a fat female spider,

swollen with eggs,

burrowing into our collective consciousness,

incubating the next descent of our species.


Fighting to breathe,

to live,

to believe,

this is the heart of the modern normal.

The hatred, the division,

the subjugation of the non-conformist,

as the anti-establishment becomes the established

and fuck a moderate

and kill the burden of care that got us here.

It’s all okay;

except it’s not okay.

It’s a distraction,

a magic trick.

Classic misdirection

meant to dupe suckers

clicking “like” every minute.


So, this is what it feels like to be doomed.

It’s breathtaking.


HG – 2016

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