Night Terrors

The footsteps

that wake you in the night,

when you look,

there is nothing there.

When you finally reason away your fright

and fall asleep,

I will be standing there.


As you sleep,

I’ll whisper in your ear,

making sure that every word is clear.

I make the dreams,

the very ones you fear.

It’s time to make the monsters reappear.


I am the terror bringer.

Horror story teller.

Fill your mind with dreams,

that will haunt your mind forever.

I can watch your sleeping body

stiffen as you try to get away,

but your running

oh, so slowly;

you’ll remember it all day.


I make you helpless

and frightened as a child.

I make grown men cry,

children learn they’ll die.

I’ve been in every head

a night, or two, or three;

the special ones I leave

with open eyes,

so they can see.

Knowing true fear

and terror their whole lives.

Paralyzed, they try to scream,

they try to run,

but they are mine.


You are all my precious children.

I have nurtured your fear from the very start.

All of you have known

the power of my words,

the feeling of my hand around your heart.

I’m standing beside your bed,

whispering to you.

I’m getting in your head,

a gift I give to you.


A friend in fear is how you have survived.

I am the reason you are still alive.

Without me you would walk into the flames.

Fear is just an angel,

showing you the way.

I hear you scream,

I hear you cry,

in the night.

It’s gonna be alright.


HG – 2016

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